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Overwrite table data with 'Yes' or 'No' according to the logical index

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Hello everybody,
I would like to overwrite the table data if the logical index of row is true.
Logical index will be True if sampleinput.TEST_ITEM1 is'TV'
In case of True, the sampleinput.TEST_LOAD1 need to be changed with 'Yes'.
and False, the sampleinput.TEST_LOAD1 need to be changed with 'No'.
Please give me some help.
load sample1
idx = sampleinput.TEST_ITEM1 == "TV";
sampleinput.TEST_LOAD1(idx) = 'Yes';
idx = sampleinput.TEST_ITEM1 ~= "TV";
sampleinput.TEST_LOAD1(idx) = 'No';

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Abderrahim. B
Abderrahim. B am 1 Sep. 2022
Maybe this:
load sample1.mat
sampleinputarr = string(sampleinput.Variables) ;
tvIdx = sampleinputarr(:,1) == "TV" ;
sampleinputarr(tvIdx, 2) = "Yes" ;
sampleinputarr(~tvIdx, 2) = "No" ;
newTbl = array2table(sampleinputarr, "VariableNames", sampleinput.Properties.VariableNames )
newTbl = 11×2 table
TEST_ITEM1 TEST_LOAD1 __________ __________ "TV" "Yes" "TV" "Yes" "TV" "Yes" "TT" "No" "TV" "Yes" "TV" "Yes" "TV" "Yes" "TV" "Yes" "TL" "No" "TL" "No" "TL" "No"
Hope this helps

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Stephen23 am 1 Sep. 2022
Bearbeitet: Stephen23 am 1 Sep. 2022
S = load('sample1.mat');
T = S.sampleinput
T = 11×2 table
TEST_ITEM1 TEST_LOAD1 __________ __________ {'TV'} {'NaN'} {'TV'} {'NaN'} {'TV'} {'NaN'} {'TT'} {'NaN'} {'TV'} {'NaN'} {'TV'} {'NaN'} {'TV'} {'NaN'} {'TV'} {'NaN'} {'TL'} {'NaN'} {'TL'} {'NaN'} {'TL'} {'NaN'}
X = strcmpi(T.TEST_ITEM1,'TV');
T.TEST_LOAD1(:) = {'No'};
T.TEST_LOAD1(X) = {'Yes'}
T = 11×2 table
TEST_ITEM1 TEST_LOAD1 __________ __________ {'TV'} {'Yes'} {'TV'} {'Yes'} {'TV'} {'Yes'} {'TT'} {'No' } {'TV'} {'Yes'} {'TV'} {'Yes'} {'TV'} {'Yes'} {'TV'} {'Yes'} {'TL'} {'No' } {'TL'} {'No' } {'TL'} {'No' }
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Smithy am 2 Sep. 2022
Thank you very much for your answer. It is really good
Stephen23 am 2 Sep. 2022
@Smithy: remember that you can vote for my answer if you liked it!

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