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Any suggestions to calculate the threshold of pixel intensity (the dip represents low intensity)

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[x ,y]= ginput(2);
I = matrix(:,:,1);
for i=1:size(matrix,3)
test = improfile(I(:,:,1), [x(1) x(2)] , [y(1) y(2)]);
x1= xline(20, 'color', 'r');
x2=xline(29, 'color', 'b');

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 1 Aug. 2022
Try this:
[cx, xy, profile] = improfile(matrix(:,:,1), [x(1), x(2)] , [y(1), y(2)]);
threshold = (max(profile) + min(profile)) / 2; % Half way point in intensity.
indexLeft = find(profile >= threshold, 1, 'first')
xLeft = cx(indexLeft);
yLeft = cy(indexLeft);
indexRight = find(profile >= threshold, 1, 'last')
xRight = cx(indexRight);
yRight = cy(indexRight);
If you have any more questions, then attach your data and code to read it in with the paperclip icon after you read this:
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 1 Aug. 2022
Give the complete code, not a snippet. And tell me where you clicked on the image.
Yes, I renamed your badly-named "test" variable to a more descriptively -named "profile". But that is not a problem. It will still work.
I don't know what "calculate the 'aperture'" means. I took the profile and found both the x and y location for the threshold at both the left side of the dip and the right side of the dip. What else do you want?
BA am 1 Aug. 2022
Aperture that I need to calculate represents the distance between the tongue and the pharyngeal wall as attached in the image

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