Remove single quotes around numeric vector

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I am using readcell to read some specific cells from an excel file, except that to specify the range I am using a four element numeric vector:
Example: X=readcell('C:\Users\pc\Desktop\MyFile.xlsx','Sheet',1,'Range',[752 4 752 4]); ==> X gets the content of the cell D752
And since that I have a large file and I want to read many cells that belongs to the same row but not the same columns, I am using the following loop:
for i=2:numel(MTnumbers)
if MTnumbers{1,i}==Machine{1,1}
RangeVector=sprintf('[752 %d 752 %d]',i,i); X=readcell('C:\Users\pc\Desktop\MyFile.xlsx','Sheet',1,'Range',VectorRange);
But this is not working because:
RangeVector='[752 2 752 2]' , while that the range value should not be between single quotes in readcell.
How can I remove the single quotes around the numeric vector? Do I have to use another function rather than sprintf?
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Accepted Answer

Stephen23 on 20 Jun 2022
Edited: Stephen23 on 20 Jun 2022
"Do I have to use another function rather than sprintf?"
Get rid of SPRINTF(), converting to character does not help you:
RangeVector = [752,i,752,i]; % basic MATLAB numeric vector

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