Can anyone knowledge me what is the meaning of this syntax?

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Ahmad Nur Hasybi
Ahmad Nur Hasybi am 7 Jun. 2022
Kommentiert: Jan am 7 Jun. 2022
bright(i,1)= mean(ScopeData(round(S.SettlingTime*1000):size(ScopeData,1),2));
bright(i,2) = S.SettlingTime;
bt(i,1) = (200- mean(ScopeData(round(S.SettlingTime*1000):size(ScopeData,1),2)))/10+S.SettlingTime;

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Jan am 7 Jun. 2022
Start with simplifying the code:
S = stepinfo(ScopeData(:, 2), ScopeData(:, 1));
STime = S.SettlingTime;
bright(i,1) = mean(ScopeData(round(STime*1000):end, 2));
bright(i,2) = STime;
bt(i,1) = (200 - bright(i,1)) / 10 + STime;
What is not clear now? Should we eplain the + operator or that ScopeData(:, 1) extracts the 1st column? Please ask explicitly, what is unclear. Explaining all would be as exhaustive as writing a book about how Matlab works.
Did you read the documentation of the used commands already? See e.g. stepinfo .
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Ahmad Nur Hasybi
Ahmad Nur Hasybi am 7 Jun. 2022
shich was called by scopedata? because in simulink i have many scopedata to monitor
Jan am 7 Jun. 2022
@Ahmad Nur Hasybi: I do not understand, what you mean. Are you asking, where the variable ScopeData is coming from? Not from inside the code you have posted.

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