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my equation won't update

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SETH GERSBACH am 2 Mai 2022
Kommentiert: Image Analyst am 2 Mai 2022
I have a function that takes a variable, calulates them, replaces the old value and then updates a graph, the equations seem to be working except the last, which fails to update correctly and I dont know why it won't update.
l = plot(a,b)
hold all
plot (c,d)
while true
at = a*mass/10
at = b*mass/10
%these equation equal ruffle 7.3e^-15
a = a + at;
b = b + bt;
% these value would not update
set(1, a,b);
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Jan am 2 Mai 2022
@SETH GERSBACH: The code fails with the message:
Undefined function or variable 'p2'.
Error in solarsystem (line 7)
R12 = norm(p2 - p1);
The readers cannot know, why the updating does not work, if the code does not run at all.
Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 2 Mai 2022
Strange that you ask us to delete the question then you don't edit your question to remove the code, and you continue to post with the code in it. If you're going to delete the question later, don't waste people's time by continuing the discussion here.

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