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Binning data inside irregular 2d shape

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Elin Jacobs
Elin Jacobs am 21 Apr. 2022
Kommentiert: Elin Jacobs am 22 Apr. 2022
I have three vectors of data, two representing x-y space (tempV and precV) and one representing z direction (acV). I also have an irregular shape and I want to bin all z data inside the shape (into more than one bin). I also have a logical vector for the datapoints that fall inside the shape. I want to plot the shape and the binned z data as bars. I have tried a number of options but am stuck because my bins in some cases fall outside the shape as the outline is not a rectangular. I'm guessing I need to change the x (P1) and y (A1) location of the z (ac1) data when I plot it, but havent figured out a good way to do so (like bin centers or similar). Below is what I have so far. In the attached figure, the five greenish bars that are closest to the x and y axes are in the wrong location, I want to force them to locations inside the same area as the other four (i.e., the are vaguely delineated by the black lines). Thanks.
%plot the outline of the shape
plot(xv_1,yv_1) % polygon
%bin data and find bin edges
h1 = histogram2(tempV(in_1),precV(in_1),3);
p1bin = discretize(precV(in_1),h1.YBinEdges);
t1bin = discretize(tempV(in_1),h1.XBinEdges);
ac1 = accumarray([t1bin,p1bin],acV(in_1),[],@sum);
cm1 = [0.650 0.612 0.192];
scatterbar3(P1,A1,ac1,1) %function from file exchange
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 21 Apr. 2022
Attach screenshot please. Use the green and blue frame icon to insert your image. Don't attach a .fig file.
Elin Jacobs
Elin Jacobs am 22 Apr. 2022
Edited above.

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