Formatting Data from readmatrix

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I have an excel file with name MyExcel.xlsm. The data in "A1:C1" are-
A1 = 236381.358; B1 = 338746.896; C1 = 13.239
I am using the following to formula to read these data from Excel-
Result = readmatrix("MyExcel.xlsm","Range","A1:C1")
The output I am getting is-
Result =
1.0e+05 *
2.3638 3.3875 0.0001
How do I get the result in the format as it is in the excel file? I mean, how do I get it in the following way?
Result =
236381.358 338746.896 13.239
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Stephen23 on 19 Apr 2022
Numeric data do not contain formatting information.
You can change how numeric data are displayed by using the FORMAT function.

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Rounak Saha Niloy
Rounak Saha Niloy on 19 Apr 2022
Used the following code and it solved my problem.
format longg;
Result = readmatrix("MyExcel.xlsm","Range","A1:C1")

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