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Need to Understand Treatment of Elevation in los2

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Sean Caldwell
Sean Caldwell am 5 Apr. 2022
Bearbeitet: Rob Comer am 12 Apr. 2022
I want to use los2 to determine the terrain slope between 2 points. However, the data I have been given needs be treated like minecraft blocks.
For Example:
Every box is 10m x10m Hm, where Hm is the height/elevation in meters, such that we could say:
The center box has a contiguous height of 2000m at all four corners, the box to the east is 1980m at all four corners, the box to west is 1960m, the box to the south is 1990m and the box to the north is also 1990m, and so on.
My question is does los2 treat this data as an existing slope (aka kinda like google maps), or like a 3D pixel (minecraft) box, as described above?
If not, is there a way or function in MATLAB to get the dist and H outputs that los2 provides, given the type/treatment of data above?
I also hope this question proves useful to any others who are looking to evaluate terrain this way.

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Rob Comer
Rob Comer am 12 Apr. 2022
Bearbeitet: Rob Comer am 12 Apr. 2022
LOS2 interpolates values along a profile between the specified points, then calculates visibility using that profile. So no, it does not treat the input cells like Minecraft blocks. I'm unaware of any function that does a line-of-sight calculation that way.

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