G ports in simulink?

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Matthew Hitchcock
Matthew Hitchcock on 31 Mar 2022
Answered: J Chen on 4 Apr 2022
I am trying to implement a humanoid-type robot and need to model the contact forces between the ground and the robot feet. I found a video on youtube showing a solution using spheres and spatial contact forces at the corners of the feet to create the reaction and friction forces needed to walk but the model in the video has G-ports coming out of the ground rigid block and the Spherical solids. The lines are also dashed and not solid. What are G-ports and how are they created? I have attached a picture referencing what it is I am referring too.

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J Chen
J Chen on 4 Apr 2022
To get the G port: open the Spherical Solid block. Expand the Export under the Geometry and check the Entire Geometry box.

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