Polar Plot Segment/Section/Arc

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Stephen on 11 Dec 2014
Answered: David Sanchez on 18 Dec 2014
I've got a polar plot that contains aircraft tracks. The polar plot is azimuth/range
The tracks only lie within the azimuth of about 240->330 this can vary but will always be a 90 degree window.
On a large plot you can barely see the tracks with all the wasted space. I need a way of modifying the axis to plot a wedge/arc shape rather than the full polar plot. Once I know this is possible I can modify the code to accomodate the changes.
Stephen on 18 Dec 2014
Do you have any ideas?

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Accepted Answer

David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 18 Dec 2014
The zoom command can zoom in and out but does not allow a good interaction with the zoomed region.
Instead, you might play with the axis command.
In a polar representation, the origin of the plot is the center of the circle. Then , if you do:
axis([0 max(y) 0 max(y)]) % where _y_ is your Y data ( polar (x,y) )
you will get a zoon of top-right quarter of the polar plot.
You can "play" with your data and apply axis accordingly to obtain the "zoom" of the region where your data is present.

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