Getting timestamp from Ettus USRP X300 series

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I am using an Ettus X310 + TwinRX + GPSDO.
Is it possible to get the timestamp when receiving signals from the radio? As far as I understand, the time information of the first sample is contained in the metadata. However, metadata are not provided when signal data from the radio are received. Is there a way to get metadata?
The feature appears available with other hardware, for example with the Embedded Series radios using the capture function. Is there any chance that the feature will be added also for the X300 series or is it a matter of hardware capability?

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Karunya Choppara
Karunya Choppara on 18 Feb 2022
Time stamps for USRP is supported in R2022a, that is currently available as pre-release.
The support package for pre-release can be downloaded from this link and can be installed with MATLAB R2022a pre-release.
Karunya Choppara
Karunya Choppara on 24 Aug 2022
can you let us know the error you are seeing while running the receiver.

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