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Is there another way to increase the mass flow rate on simscape?

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Hi! I have to ensure a constant massflow rate of air entering and exiting the system. To do this, I use a mass flow rate source after a gas reservoir (ambient air). But post the mass flow rate source is a compressor which is run at design point RPM. While the mass flow rate is maintained a constant, the pressures increase in the system, because the compressor is pumping out air at a slower rate than the rate at which air is pumped into it from the mass flow rate source. Is there any other simscape block to ensure a constant mass flow rate? which doesn't affect the pressures in the system?

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J Chen
J Chen am 8 Feb. 2022
You need to understand the physics. Flow rate and pressure are related. The pressure in a volume is determined by in and out flow rates. On the other hand, the flow rates can be calcutated if the pressure is given. In summary, you can specify either the flow rate or the pressure at the compressor inlet. The simulation will give you the pressure or flow rates.Of course, you can bleed some gas off by adding an orifice at the compressor inlet and adjust it to get the desired pressure for given flow rate.

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