Combining Simscape-Simulink Matlab versions 2018 and 2021

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The model in Simscape-Simulink works in Matlab 2018, in matlab 2021a it gives the message:
Failed to find 'sm_interface_elements_lib/Foundation Library/Mechanical/Translation Elements/Translational Hard
Stop' in library 'sm_interface_elements_lib' referenced by 'model_30_100_M2021/Model/Medium trolley/Side Limiters/Translational Hard Stop1'
How to fix the error?
Replacing library blocks does not help.
J Chen
J Chen on 2 Feb 2022
Maybe you can save the model in an mdl file instead of a slx file. The mdl is a text file. You can develop a code to search and replace the offending blocks.

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Accepted Answer

J Chen
J Chen on 19 Jan 2022
Edited: J Chen on 19 Jan 2022
Replace the hard stop block with the hard stop block in the 2021a Simulink Library Browser.

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