Undefined function 'plus' for input arguments of type 'matlab.ui.Figure'.

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I get this error message when I run a script that was given to me on my data and may well have been written in an earlier version - I am working 2014b.
Any ideas? This is the full error message, but I haven't copied the script in as it's really quite long.
Undefined function 'plus' for input arguments of type 'matlab.ui.Figure'.
Error in PRL_analyseData>getNewFig (line 538) hfig = varargin{1}+1;
Error in PRL_analyseData (line 160) hfig = getNewFig(hfig,cmap);
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Adam am 7 Okt. 2014
You probably need to rework the script to use an array of figure objects rather than doing maths on the old handles to refer to presumably the next figure.

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Guillaume am 7 Okt. 2014
The reason it does not work in 2014b is because figures handles are no longer numbers. Thus you can't add 1 to them anymore.
Without seeing anymore of the code, it's difficult to give you any advice on how to solve this.
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Guillaume am 8 Okt. 2014
If you're happy with the solution provided, you should accept it.

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Daisy am 8 Okt. 2014
Many thanks, that has definitely helped. However I now have a different error message:
Undefined function 'vline' for input arguments of type 'double'.
Error in PRL_analyseData (line 266)
This is the section of the code it relates to. Is it to do with 2014b changes again?
% average and smoothed average probability of chosing correctly on each
% trial
choiceBinary = choice;
plotdata{1} = choiceBinary;
plotdata{2}= mySmooth(choiceBinary,span,2);
for n = 2 % can also plot the raw data, then n=1
hfig = getNewFig(hfig,cmap);
mu = []; sem = [];
for t = cond
mu(:,t) = mean(plotdata{n}(groupMember==t,:));
switch n
case 1
case 2
sem(:,t) = std(plotdata{n}(groupMember==t,:),[],1)/sqrt(nsgroup(t)); end
if n==2
b = nan(nt,1,max(cond));
b(:,1,:) = sem;
x = repmat(1:nt,max(cond),1)';
ylim([0 1])
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Daisy am 8 Okt. 2014
My apologies. Yes, I worked out that vline came from the file exchange. Thanks. I now have an issue with:
No method 'colon' with matching signature found.
Error in PRL_analyseData (line 303)
for t = 1:hfig
This relates to this section of the script:
hfig = getNewFig(hfig,cmap);
mu = []; sem = [];
for t = cond
mu(1,t) = mean(WS(groupMember==t));
mu(2,t) = mean(LS(groupMember==t));
sem(1,t) = mean(WS(groupMember==t))/sqrt(nsgroup(t));
sem(2,t) = mean(LS(groupMember==t))/sqrt(nsgroup(t));
for t = 1:hfig
I am reading about signatures in order to try and resolve this, but would appreciate any help
Guillaume am 8 Okt. 2014
Please, find the reply as a comment to my answer rather than here.

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Matthew am 5 Mai 2015
Bearbeitet: Matthew am 5 Mai 2015
An updated answer to this is to overload the 'plus' function. It seems that matlab calls the builtin for inline operators by default, even if the overload doesn't pay any attention to the rules for overloading a function. I have no idea why this is though, as overloading other critical functions like sprintf seems to cause a world of pain.
Regardless of the reason, this oddity means the following function can be placed anywhere in your path, and it will only be called if the regular plus function can't handle the inputs, so it doesn't impact normal behavior or performance.
function out = plus(A,B)
out = double(A) + double(B)
%Fail with the built-in


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