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I can't type where is my licence

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Dann Winter
Dann Winter on 25 Oct 2021
Commented: Dann Winter on 26 Oct 2021
I had Matlab 2015 installed and I uninstalled it to update it to 2017b, but it happened that when I have to indicate in the text box where my license is, it does not allow me to type anything and the button that says BROWSE does not appear.
I got tired of trying to write in that text box without success, so I opted to return the Windows state in which I still had it but only two states appeared two days ago so I took the oldest one but matlab 2015 did not appear, I try to install it but when the window appears where I must indicate where my license is, this field or text box also appears inactive and I cannot capture where my license is.
I appreciate in advance that you can give me.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 25 Oct 2021
Edited: Image Analyst on 25 Oct 2021
You can enter your email address during the activation/installation process instead of a "File Activation Key". If that doesn't work, call them on the phone. Quick - because they're only there for about 2 more hours.
Why are you upgrading to a 4 year old license anyway? Why not download the latest one, R2021b?
Dann Winter
Dann Winter on 26 Oct 2021
Image analist. Thanks a lot my friend.

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