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Data extraction from txt with special format

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Win co
Win co am 1 Okt. 2014
Kommentiert: Win co am 2 Okt. 2014
Given a following .txt file with 5 columns delimited by tab, I have difficulty at extracting these data in a matrix (double) where the 3rd column contains converted values in seconds.
1 0 01:05:04.9941480 0.0131 0.0000
In this example, in my matrix, the 3rd column has to be 1*3600+5*60+4.9941480. Could anyone help me to solve it please? Best regards, Winn

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 1 Okt. 2014
Try the readtable() function:
t = readtable(fullFileName);
If that doesn't work, try textscan().
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Win co
Win co am 2 Okt. 2014
Thanks for your recommendation. I'm using Maltab2012b, "readtable" function does not exist. I've figured out how to solve this problem with textscan, maybe not optimal but it works as I wish. In sum, I seperate numeric data and string data. With the last one, I convert to numeric value.

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