How to preallocate 3 D matrix?

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reshdev am 6 Sep. 2014
Kommentiert: Yu Jiang am 6 Sep. 2014
Suppose output(:,:) is matrix with 5 rows and 10 columns.
u is from 1 to n. So, i will have n different output(:,:) matrix's which i am saving in outp(:,:,u).
for u= 1:n
outp(:,:,u) = output(:,:);
then how can i pre allocate outp(:,:,u) with zeros so that i can increase speed.
will it be outp(:,:,u)= zeros(5*n,10)?
Thank You

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Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang am 6 Sep. 2014
Bearbeitet: Yu Jiang am 6 Sep. 2014
outp(:,:,u)= zeros(5, 10, n)
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Yu Jiang
Yu Jiang am 6 Sep. 2014
Your version is much better :)

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