How i can create array with fixed sum for each row and column?

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Hello Everyone,
Please help me to write matlab code, I am trying to create 5*5 matrix containing random values having constraints....... (1) sum of elements of row 1(X1) = sum of elements of column 1 (X1) (Sum = X1<= 7)............. (2) sum of elements of row 2 =7 and sum of elements of column 2 = 0 .......... (3) sum of elements of row 3(X3) = sum elements of column 3(X3) (Sum X3 <= 7)............ (4) sum of elements of row 4 =0 and sum of elements of column 4 = 7 ................ (5) sum of elements of row 5(X5) = sum elements of column 5(X5) (X5<= 7)........
Rows act as sources nodes. columns act as destination nodes.
Actually, this matrix represents a transshipment problem which is sending 7 units of data from (starting node 2) to (termination node 4).above constraints show that data going into node 2 from all nodes is zero and going out to all nodes is 7 units. Similarly, data going into destination node 4 is 7 units and nothing comes out from this. Whereas for all the other nodes, total amount of data coming in = total amount of data coming out.
all the diagonal elements should be zero. like (1,1)...(2,2).....(5,5) and range for all elements of matrix = 0 to 7
This is what i am able to do so far....
no_sourcenode = input ('ENTER THE NUMBER OF source NODE :');
no_destiantion = input ('ENTER THE NUMBER OF destination node :');
chromosome = round(rand(no_sourcenode,no_destiantion));
chromosomes(1:(no_sourcenode+1):no_sourcenode*no_destiantion)= 0; (to make diagonal elements zero)
Thank you very much

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 19 Aug. 2014
Looks like something Roger can answer better than me. In the meantime, see his randfixedsum utility:

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