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How im2bw works in image processing when we change the level ??

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Akhilesh Singh
Akhilesh Singh am 12 Jul. 2014
Kommentiert: Akhilesh Singh am 12 Jul. 2014
I want to know how im2bw works??
when changing the level : im2bw(image, level)
there is some equation or formula which help .......when we changing the thresholding level values??

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 12 Jul. 2014
Bearbeitet: Image Analyst am 12 Jul. 2014
>> edit im2bw
and you'll have your answer. That's the sourse code for the function. Basically it converts level to the range that the data class is in and then thresholds like bw=input>level.

Laila Kazemi
Laila Kazemi am 12 Jul. 2014
So level is the threshold. Any pixel with intensity greater than the threshold is equal to 1 and pixels with intensity smaller than the threshold are set to zero. No equations its a logic process.

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