How do I read a range of elements in a given excel column into a new matlab array?

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I have an excel file that tabulates data in the same worksheet for different versions of a test. A column called INDEX specifies the serial number of the data set. For e.g., readings taken for inputs 25-0 first are with index 1, and the next set of readings from 25-0 for second test are indexed with 2 and so on, in every row that belongs to that data set. Now, how can I use these whole columns that also include blank spaces between two data sets, and store the data set - 1 i.e., values under columns with index 1 into one vector, with index 2 in the next and so on?
I also attach the excel file here under.

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Roberto on 21 Jun 2014
This file is not a excel file
CSV FILES files are plain text files, and like any file.txt can be viewed with a simple text editor (like notepad++) and when reading this file you can't read 'ranges' like in excel.
In excel, click on menu 'Save as' and export your test11.csv file to test11.xlsx and then use xlsread function to properly read the excel file!.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 21 Jun 2014
Use readtable():

Apdullah YAYIK
Apdullah YAYIK on 21 Jun 2014
Read with xlsread and save as .mat file.
Then you can make all process you like easily.

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