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matlab problem .. please help

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Musaed Almaghyuli
Musaed Almaghyuli am 5 Mai 2014
Geschlossen: MATLAB Answer Bot am 20 Aug. 2021
Project on Matlab Programming Write a program that examines the student in the basic arithmetic operations (summation, subtraction and multiplications). The student should be asked to choose which exam he would like to start with. 1- The exam of summation or subtraction: It should provide the following requirements. It consists of three stages Stage one: summation or subtraction of two single digit integer numbers Stage two: summation or subtraction of two double digits integer numbers Stage three: summation or subtraction of two triple digits integer numbers In each stage you should ask the student ten times to sum or subtract two random integer numbers and check his answers. If the student answers 80% or more of the questions correctly he will move to the next stage otherwise he will be asked if he would like to get the exam again. If his answer is ok repeat the exam for him. If the student failed to success three times do not ask him to repeat the exam and till him that he should study well before getting the exam again. Note: If the student answers five simultaneously questions correctly give him 100% score and move to the next stage. 2- The exam of multiplication: You have to design a suitable exam of multiplication of two numbers between (1 and 12). The best design will take higher marks. The due date of submission is Thursday 1-5-2014. You should submit a soft and hard copy of your program and you may be asked to give presentation about your program.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 6 Mai 2014
Looks like the submission data of Thursday 1-5-2014 has passed. You should have gotten an earlier start.

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Roberto am 6 Mai 2014
try starting HERE

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