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how can i add a gaussian noise with amp. 0.1 to a sin wav signal ??

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not with the fun. awgn because it's undefined function on the version of matlab i have .
amira ramadan
amira ramadan on 27 Apr 2014
In this problem, we want to study the effect of an averaging filter (averaging window) on eliminating the noise on a signal. Use MATLAB to generate a 10 periods of a discrete sin wave signal with amplitude=1 and period = 50 samples. Then add Gaussian noise to it with amplitude 0.1. Pass the noisy signal on an averaging filter of variable length. PLOT the original signal, the noisy signal, and the filtered one. What is the effect of the filter’s length? What happens if the filter’s length becomes too small or too large?
that,s the problem required !?

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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Apr 2014
t = 1 : 300;
y = sin(t) + 0.1 * randn(1, length(t))
Otherwise, if you have the Image Processing Toolbox, how about using imnoise()? That is, if you didn't want randn (the preferred method) for some reason.

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