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how to use the pushbutton in GUI to record the voice

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enas on 26 Apr 2014
Commented: Roberto on 27 Apr 2014
hello , I was trying to apply GUI with guide to my code voice recognition I actually dont know a lot about GUI .first, what I want to do is to assgin a push button for recording , how can I do that? I know how to make the figure but I dont know how to proceed after that starting from the option view callbacks ,here is a simple code as a start ,
rec1 = audiorecorder(22050, 16, 2);
disp('Start speaking.')
recordblocking(rec1, 2);
disp('End of Recording.');
any advice would be appreciated .
Jan on 27 Apr 2014
@enas: "Didn't work" does not allow us to recognize, what is happening. Please spend the time to explain any details. Show us your code and explain the problems.

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Accepted Answer

Roberto on 27 Apr 2014
Edited: Roberto on 27 Apr 2014
Try reading the getting started section of GUI's , and have a look in to these lines:
% Create the Audio recorder Object
>> rec = audiorecorder(22050, 16, 2);
% Create a Function to create the GUI
function test(rec)
f= figure ;
uicontrol(f,'style','pushbutton','position',[10 10 200 20],'String','Record','CallBack',@buttonCallback) ;
function buttonCallback(~,~)
disp('Recording... start talking');
% Execute the function with the object as a parameter
>> test(rec)
Roberto on 27 Apr 2014
try adding another button like the one to record and edit it's code...

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