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Slow execution uitable with many characters

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john on 26 Apr 2014
Answered: Jan on 27 Apr 2014
a has size for example (20,70000). If I insert a into uitable in GUI, than moving slide up/down or right/left is executing so slowly.
How can I executet ot faster?
Thank you?
john on 27 Apr 2014
how can I do it ?....window...?

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 27 Apr 2014
This is not a job for an uitable. It is simply not meaningful to display such a huge pile of data in a user interface. It is like asking for a diagram with millions of X-values. Neither a monitor, nor the human eye can copy with this amount of data. Therefore uitable is not designed to contain such a pile of data.
Therefore I suggest not to try to accelerate the display, but to choose another method for a visualization.

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Roberto on 27 Apr 2014
Edited: Roberto on 27 Apr 2014
Try cropping the string to lets say... 50 chars, and add 'More...' string indicating that there's more data. who reads 70 000 chars anyway?


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