How would i write a code for my pushbutton in a gui that flips or changed the background color on the pushbutton back to original?

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Brian on 16 Apr 2014
Answered: Image Analyst on 18 Apr 2014
I am creating the memory game using a gui and im using multiple pushbuttons to display the different colors. When i click on the button it does change to a different color but i need it to go back to the original color if the two cards chosen are not the same. How could i do that?

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nl2605 on 17 Apr 2014
Store a variable with value 1. Then simply negate it everytime you run the callback function. And using an if-else statement you can change colours. To get the default color of pushbutton use get(handles.pushbutton,'BackgroundColor'). I hope its clear.
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Brian on 17 Apr 2014
This is what i had for my push buttons set(handles.pushbutton3,'BackgroundColor','blue') x3 = get(hObject,'Background')
could you give me an example of how to store that variable and use the if statement?

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