problem with axes handle in guide

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nida on 12 Apr 2014
Commented: nida on 12 Apr 2014
i have a gui in guide for displaying my output image in axes it gives error as axes.(handles.axes2) in command window. i have given a handle in my code.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Apr 2014
Just get the list of filenames in handles.files - I assume that's a listbox of image file names that the user clicks on. Then display it
% Get image name
selectedItem = get(handles.lstImageList, 'Value'); % Get number they clicked on.
fileList = get(handles.lstImageList, 'string'); % Get entire list of all files.
% If only one is selected, display it.
if length(selectedItem) == 1
fullImageFileName = fullfile(yourFolder, fileList{selectedItem});
% Display it
imageArray = imread(fullImageFileName);
imshow(imageArray, []);
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nida on 12 Apr 2014
thank image analysts,but still having axes(handles.axes2) error in command window

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