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Vehicle Counting from a video

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Ashfaq am 27 Jul. 2011
Hello everyone, I'm badly in need of your help to count the number of vehicles passing by. I have the code for detecting the vehicles in an interested frame from the demo but it detects and counts only the vehicles in the interested region. Can anyone help me out to count the total number of vehicles passing by a busy road? What changes do I need to make of that demo code to count the total number???
Looking forward for your answers. Thank you.
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vinod sarna
vinod sarna am 12 Jun. 2012
Image Analyst how do i do that? any code suggestion pls
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 12 Jun. 2012

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Antworten (2)

Helen Chen
Helen Chen am 17 Sep. 2012
From Walter in a comment above: imcrop()

Husanjon Ergashev
Husanjon Ergashev am 10 Dez. 2016
Read this file. Might help you

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