Returning parameters from a called function

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Hello! I have what may be an elementary question, but I have been struggling with it for a little while:
I am calling another function from a master function
(ex. called_function(passed, parameters))
the called function is structured:
function called_function(passed, parameters) %operations, in which new parameters are defined return;
What I need is to use some of the new parameters that are defined in my called function in the master function.
How can I do this?
Thank you in advance for your responses!

Accepted Answer

the cyclist
the cyclist on 26 Jul 2011
function [output1 output2] = called_function(input1,input2)
% output1 and output2 calculated inside here

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Jan on 26 Jul 2011
A very basic question. Please read the "Getting Started" chapters of the documentation.
Sahil Tayade
Sahil Tayade on 18 Nov 2020
All softwares have return type in their signiture, matlab is the only one that has the name of the variables

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