how to set comparisons between a image matrix and table?

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i have a table with values and matlab files for those values i need my final image color intensities to compare itself to table and if it falls among those ranges(0-200 etc) the corresponding .m files should execute.
nida on 16 Feb 2014
ill be having a final image from processing. that image will be of only one i want to compare that image color intensity to range from the table . if range falls within 100-200 iwant my program to execute bar2.m file. need help on this part

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Answers (1)

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Feb 2014
Try this:
minGL = min(grayImage(:));
maxGL = max(grayImage(:));
% Run appropriate m-file for whatever range the image has.
if minGL > 0 && maxGL <= 100
elseif minGL > 100 && maxGL <= 200
elsif minGL > 200 && maxGL <= 255
warningMessage = sprintf('The image range does not fall completely within the 3 ranges specified.\nYour image range = %.1f to %.1f', minGL, maxGL);
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 19 Feb 2014
Of course, because the min is 0 (where the black mask is), and the max is probably greater than 100, so it doesn't fit into the tight ranges you're checking for. You're requiring BOTH the max and min to fit into the range but what happens is that only one fits in, not both. I really don't know what you're thinking but you'll have to rethink this algorithm. Maybe you want to check that only the mean intensity is in that range, not all the pixels being in that range - I don't know.

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