Show command prompt window for executable program created through Matlab compiler

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Hi all,
I have created a Matlab GUI for a simulation purpose and I want to compile the GUI to an application package. I used Matlab compiler and made an executable version. I am encountered with few problems in making this compiled version.
1. It takes atleast 15 minutes to compile the application - My main code is atleast 5000 lines long and the subfunctions will count to another 2000 lines. Is this an acceptable time for such a code ?
2. It takes around 3 minute to open the .exe application made through Matlab compiler. Any suggestions to improve the executable time ?
Thanks in advance ......

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 26 Jan. 2014
The time to open the .exe should be pretty close to the time required to open MATLAB itself.

Jeena am 26 Jan. 2014
Thanks for your reply.
Though the executable is built and I can open the application, still some features of the application are not working.
If I run my Matlab code and any error occurs, I can see the error message from Matlab command window. Thus in this way, I can sort out the issue. Similarly, is there a way I can see the error message from the compiled application ?
Can I run the same .exe application through Matlab command window ? Or is it possible to attach a windows command prompt and display the error message through that command prompt ?

Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 26 Jan. 2014
You can run your exe through your command window. Just use a bang at the command line.
>> cd c:\whatever >> !yourapp.exe
Now to answer your questions. 1. I have apps that are 5-6000 lines long with some code in other m-files. It takes about 2.5 up to a max of about 4 minutes to compile. 2. It does take a long time. Longer the very first time because it has to unpack the CTF, and less time the second and subsequent times. It might take 45-60 seconds the first time, and about 30-45 after that. There is no know way to speed it up, short of getting a new computer or perhaps using a ramdisk. You can use imdisk ( to set one up. Or you can install on a solid state drive.
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vijay sai
vijay sai am 26 Jan. 2014
sorry for a comment not related to the question, I had build .exe application from simulink to find the edges of an image from the file...when I start the .exe appliction.. it says starting the application...and it stays there itself..?? Am working on my academic project :-(
Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 26 Jan. 2014
I'm not familiar with Simulink. You paid a huge amount for the compiler, so might as well get your money's worth and call them.

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