How to download a particular function of MATLAB ?

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Explorer on 18 Jan 2014
Commented: Explorer on 19 Jan 2014
I want to download "estimateGeometricTransform" function. From where can I download it?
Its a function of Computer Vision Toolbox and this toolbox is installed in my MATLAB but still I am getting error UNDEFINED FUNCTION "estimateGeometricTransform".
What are the possible ways to solve this problem?

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 18 Jan 2014
If typing ver shows that you have the Computer Vision System Toolbox, then check the release notes: It could be that that function was added after the release that you have was published. If it is something you should have in your version, and "ver" shows that you have a license for the toolbox, then call the Mathworks.

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Paul on 18 Jan 2014
Type ver in matlab, a list of the installed toolboxes should appear. Check if Computer Vision System toolbox is installed. It it's not in the list it isn't properly installed.

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