When coding, why does matlab prevent me from writting ' " ^ ~ without waiting for the next character?

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When I type any of the following characters: ' " ^ ~ anywhere in the MATLAB environment, MATLAB holds while waiting for the next character to be typed.
For example: typing string='test doesn't put the second ' up until the next character is typed.
Thank you very very much - it's quite a frustrating/low level problem.
Matt Molteno
Matt Molteno on 19 Jan 2014
Thanks for the lead Jan, Mischa - you were exactly right. I resolved the issue by deleting the USA-international language option in Windows control panel, so it wasn't a MATLAB issue. Perhaps some common MATLAB key combination was setting it off.

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Mischa Kim
Mischa Kim on 18 Jan 2014
Hello Matthew, this not a MATLAB functionality/feature. You will observe the same behavior in any word processing tool or in your favorite internet browser.
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Matt Molteno
Matt Molteno on 18 Jan 2014
Thanks for the amazingly quick reply... I thought so as well - but it's only in MATLAB, I've tried all my other word processing programs MS.word,wordpad, notepad, firefox, etc. Any ideas?

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