how to identify a color from an image

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nida on 13 Dec 2013
Commented: Image Analyst on 27 Dec 2013
the color component should be the output eg-if the color of the image is green i need the output green. if the color is burgundy red,or crimson,or any mix output should say its presence. i tried documentation on matlab but could understand like how to specifically apply specification and thresholding.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 13 Dec 2013
Did you try any of my color segmentation demos yet? They're in my File Exchange:
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 27 Dec 2013
It depends on the shape of your gamut in the different color spaces as to which colorspace it would be easier to segment your color. You might be able to use RGB color space, lab color space, or hsv color space. The hue is constant as the color goes from bright to dark or from vivid red to pink to crimson, so if you want all those colors in the same segmentation you could use hsv space. You could also get just dark reds if you specify that the V or L value is less than, say, 50 or whatever darkness value you want.

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