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EHT PSDU length

Since R2022b



    length = psduLength(cfg) calculates the PSDU length for the extremely high throughput (EHT) configuration cfg.


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    Parameterize an extremely high-throughput multi-user (EHT MU) transmission by creating an OFDMA wlanEHTMUConfig object. Set the allocation index to 5. This setting specifies seven RUs with one user each. Two of the RUs are 52-tone and the remaining five are 26-tone. The channel bandwidth is 20 MHz.

    cfgEHTMU = wlanEHTMUConfig(5);

    Get and display the PSDU length for the configured transmission.

    length = psduLength(cfgEHTMU)
    length = 1×7
       100   100   202   100   100   100   202

    Input Arguments

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    EHT transmission parameters, specified as a wlanEHTMUConfig, wlanEHTTBConfig, or wlanEHTRecoveryConfig object.

    Output Arguments

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    PSDU length, in bytes, returned as a positive integer or row vector of size 1-by-N, where N is the number of users in the transmission. For an EHT transmission, N is an integer in the range [1, 144].

    For more information about N in EHT transmissions, see the ruInfo function. The NumUsers field of the info output corresponds to N.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022b

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