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Refactor Models

Identify modeling clones and patterns to transform model

Use the Model Transformer and the Clone Detector to refactor a model to improve model componentization, readability and enable reuse.

Use the Model Transformer to:

  • Identify modeling patterns that qualify for transformation into Variant Source or Variant Subsystem blocks. Using Variant Subsystem and Variant Source blocks helps in the reusability of a model for different conditional expressions called variant choices. The active model is a combination of a fixed structure and variable components that you activate depending on the variant choice that you select.

  • Identify data store blocks that qualify for elimination. Eliminating data store blocks improves model readability by making data dependency explicit.

  • Identify n-D Lookup Table blocks that qualify for transformation into shared Prelookup blocks and multiple Interpolation blocks. This transformation improves the simulation efficiency.

  • Identify multiple Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks that qualify for transformation into a single Interpolation Using Prelookup block in a modeling pattern. This transformation improves the generated code efficiency.

Use the Clone Detector to:

  • Identify clones and create a model with the clones replaced by links to the subsystem blocks in a library. Replacing clones with links to library blocks enables component reuse.

  • Identify and replace clones in a model with the subsystem references.


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mdltransformerOpen Model Transformer
Simulink.ModelTransform.BusTransformation.identifyIdentify Bus Selector and Bus Creator blocks to transform (Since R2022b)
Simulink.ModelTransform.BusTransformation.refactorReplace Bus Selector and Bus Creator blocks with In Bus Element and Out Bus Element blocks (Since R2022b)
Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.identifyCandidatesIdentify eligible Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks to transform (Since R2021b)
Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.refactorModelReplace Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks (Since R2021b)
clonedetectionOpen Clone Detector app
Simulink.CloneDetection.findClonesFind clones in a model (Since R2021a)
Simulink.CloneDetection.replaceClonesReplace clones in a model (Since R2021a)
Simulink.CloneDetection.checkEquivalencyCheck equivalency of clone-replaced model and original model (Since R2021a)
Simulink.CloneDetection.highlightCloneHighlight clone in a Simulink model (Since R2021b)
Simulink.CloneDetection.generateReportGenerate clone detection report (Since R2023b)


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Simulink.ModelTransform.BusTransformation.ResultResults of identified Bus Selector and Bus Creator blocks (Since R2022b)
Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.ResultsResults of search for eligible Interpolation Using Prelookup blocks (Since R2021b)
Simulink.ModelTransform.CommonSourceInterpolation.RefactorResultsRefactored model results (Since R2021b)
Simulink.CloneDetection.Settings Conditions for findClones function (Since R2021a)
Simulink.CloneDetection.ResultsResults of find clones (Since R2021a)
Simulink.CloneDetection.ReplacementConfigConditions for clone replacement function (Since R2021a)
Simulink.CloneDetection.ReplacementResultsResults of replace clones (Since R2021a)
Simulink.CloneDetection.EquivalencyCheckResultsResults of equivalency check (Since R2021a)


Model TransformerEnable model transformation by identifying and refactoring the modelling patterns to optimize the models (Since R2019b)
Clone DetectorEnable model refactorization and subsystem reuse in models by identifying and replacing clones (Since R2019b)


Model Transformer

Clone Detector