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Class: Simulink.SimulationOutput
Package: Simulink

Store custom data in SimulationMetadata object that SimulationOutput object contains


simoutNew = simout.setUserData(CustomData)


simoutNew = simout.setUserData(CustomData) assigns a copy of the simout SimulationOutput object to simoutNew. The copy contains CustomData in its SimulationMetadata object.

Input Arguments

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Simulation object to get metadata from, specified as a SimulationOutput object.

Any custom data you want to store in the metadata object.

Output Arguments

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A copy of the simout SimulationOutput object that contains CustomData in its SimulationMetadata object, returned as an object.


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Simulate the vdp model. Store custom data in the SimulationMetadata object that the SimulationOutput object contains.

Simulate the vdp model. Save the results of the Simulink.SimulationOutput object in simout.


Store custom data about the simulation in the SimulationMetadata object that simout contains.


Use SimulationOutput.getSimulationMetadata to retrieve the information you stored.

    param1: 'value1'
    param2: 'value2'
    param3: 'value3'