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Open MATLAB function report



    openReport(config) opens the MATLAB® function report for a MATLAB Function block.


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    Access the MATLABFunctionConfiguration object for the MATLAB Function block in the model call_stats_block1 described in Create Custom Functionality Using MATLAB Function Blocks.

    config = get_param('call_stats_block1/MATLAB Function', ...

    Open the MATLAB function report.


    Close the MATLAB function report.


    Input Arguments

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    MATLAB Function block property configuration, specified as a MATLABFunctionConfiguration object.

    Data Types: MATLABFunctionConfiguration


    The first time that you open the MATLAB function report, Simulink® automatically updates your model. If you make subsequent changes to the MATLAB code in the block, you must update your model before you reopen the report. Otherwise, the report does not reflect your changes. From the Modeling tab, select Update Model, or press Ctrl-D. For more information, see Update Diagram and Run Simulation.

    Introduced in R2021a