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Desktop Simulation

Solver selection, variable initialization, trimming and linearization, data logging

Desktop simulation of physical models is similar to simulating any Simulink® model. However, there are certain specifics in terms of solver selection, model initialization techniques, and linearization methods. Model analysis tools, such as data logging and model statistics, help you to fine-tune and troubleshoot your models, as well as view and post-process simulation results.


  • Simulation Setup
    Select optimal solvers for physical simulation, specify model scaling
  • Variable Initialization
    Initialize block variables prior to simulation and verify results
  • Run-Time Parameters
    Speed up simulation tasks and modify parameter values without regenerating C code
  • Trimming and Linearization
    Find operating point and linearize model to explore system response and stability
  • Data Logging
    Log data to workspace during model simulation for subsequent data processing
  • Model Statistics
    View Simscape™ statistics, such as number of variables, zero-crossing signals, joints, constraints
  • Improving Compilation Performance
    Workflows, techniques, and examples of speeding up compilation of large models
  • Troubleshooting
    Common simulation errors, restrictions and limitations on using Simulink tools in Simscape models