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Radar and wireless communication systems such as 5G, LTE, DVB, ZigBee, FMCW

Simulate pulsed and FMCW radar systems for surveillance and automotive applications. Model the complete physical layer of wireless communications systems such as 5G, LTE, DVB, ZigBee, including multiple antennas (MIMO) using a combination of RF Blockset libraries and other MATLAB® or Simulink® product libraries.


RF System and Transceiver Design

LTE RF Transmitter and Receiver Design

  • Modeling and Testing an LTE RF Transmitter (LTE Toolbox)
    This example shows how to characterize the impact of radio frequency (RF) impairments, such as in-phase and quadrature (IQ) imbalance, phase noise, and power amplifier (PA) nonlinearities, on the performance of an LTE transmitter.
  • Modeling and Testing an LTE RF Receiver (LTE Toolbox)
    This example demonstrates how to model and test an LTE RF receiver using LTE Toolbox™ and RF Blockset™.

802.11ax RF Transmitter Design

NR RF Receiver and Transmitter Design