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List valid parameters for specified circuit object



listparam(h) lists the valid parameters for the specified circuit object h.


Before calling listparam function, you must use the analyze function to perform a frequency domain analysis for the circuit object.


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List the available parameters of analysis of a transmission line.

trl = rfckt.txline;
f = [1e9:1.0e7:3e9];
ans = 28x1 cell
    {'S11'       }
    {'S12'       }
    {'S21'       }
    {'S22'       }
    {'GammaIn'   }
    {'GammaOut'  }
    {'VSWRIn'    }
    {'VSWROut'   }
    {'OIP3'      }
    {'IIP3'      }
    {'NF'        }
    {'NFactor'   }
    {'NTemp'     }
    {'TF1'       }
    {'TF2'       }
    {'TF3'       }
    {'Gt'        }
    {'Ga'        }
    {'Gp'        }
    {'Gmag'      }
    {'Gmsg'      }
    {'GammaMS'   }
    {'GammaML'   }
    {'K'         }
    {'Delta'     }
    {'Mu'        }
    {'MuPrime'   }

Input Arguments

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RF circuit or data object, specified as an object handle.

Several parameters are available for all objects. When you import rfckt.amplifier, rfckt.mixer, or object specifications from a .p2d or .s2d file, the list of valid parameters also includes any operating conditions from the file that have numeric values, such as bias.

This table describes the most commonly available parameters.


S11, S12, S21, S22

LS11, LS12, LS21, LS22 (Amplifier and mixer objects with multiple operating conditions only)

GroupDelayGroup delay
GammaIn, GammaOutInput and output reflection coefficients
VSWRIn, VSWROutInput and output voltage standing-wave ratio
IIP3, OIP3 (Amplifier and mixer objects only)Third-order intercept point
NFNoise figure
TF1Ratio of the load voltage to the output voltage of the source when the input port is conjugate matched
TF2Ratio of load voltage to the source voltage
  • Gt

  • Ga

  • Gp

  • Gmag

  • Gmsg

  • Transducer power gain

  • Available power gain

  • Operating power gain

  • Maximum available power gain

  • Maximum stable gain

GammaMS, GammaMLSource and load reflection coefficients for simultaneous conjugate match
K, Mu, MuPrimeStability factor
DeltaStability condition

Version History

Introduced before R2006a