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Required and commonly used blocks for setting simulation environment, interfacing with Simulink® models, and generating custom components on-the-fly

Simscape Blocks

Connection PortPhysical Modeling connector port for subsystem
PS-Simulink ConverterConvert physical signal into Simulink output signal
Simulink-PS ConverterConvert Simulink input signal into physical signal
Simscape BusBus for conserving connection lines
Simscape ComponentDeploy Simscape language component as custom block in model diagram
Solver ConfigurationPhysical Networks environment and solver configuration
Spectrum AnalyzerDisplay frequency spectrum


ssc_newCreate new Simscape model populated by required and commonly used blocks

Examples and How To

Creating a New Simscape Model

Quick way to create a new model


Essential Physical Modeling Techniques

Brief summary of physical modeling rules and techniques

Modeling Best Practices

How to use best practices in your model architecture to avoid numerical simulation issues.