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Access nondistributed variables on multiple workers from client




Variables that exist on the workers running an spmd statement are accessible on the client as a Composite object. A Composite resembles a cell array with one element for each worker. So for Composite C:

C{1} represents value of C on worker1
C{2} represents value of C on worker2

spmd statements create Composites automatically, which you can access after the statement completes. You can also create a Composite explicitly with the Composite function.


existCheck whether Composite is defined on workers
gatherTransfer distributed array, Composite array or gpuArray to local workspace
subsasgnSubscripted assignment for Composite
subsrefSubscripted reference for Composite

Other methods of a Composite object behave similarly to these MATLAB® array functions:

dispDisplay Composite
endIndicate last Composite index
isemptyDetermine whether Composite is empty
lengthLength of Composite
ndimsNumber of Composite dimensions
numelNumber of elements in Composite
sizeComposite dimensions

Version History

Introduced in R2008b