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Remove mesh from mesh TSDF

Since R2024a


    isRemoved = removeMesh(mTSDF,id) removes one or more meshes with the specified IDs from the truncated signed distance field (TSDF) and returns an indication of which meshes were successfully removed.

    Input Arguments

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    Truncated signed distance field for 3-D meshes, specified as a meshtsdf object.

    Example: meshtsdf(meshes,TruncationDistance=5) creates a TSDF for the specified meshes with a truncation distance of 5 meters.

    ID of mesh to remove, specified as a nonnegative integer or N-element vector of nonnegative integers. N is the total number of meshes to remove.

    Example: removed = removeMesh(tsdf,2) removes meshes in the TSDF with mesh ID of 2.

    Example: removed = removeMesh(tsdf,[1 2 3]) removes meshes in the TSDF with mesh IDs 1, 2, and 3.

    Output Arguments

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    Indication of whether meshes were removed or not, returned as logical 1 (true) if the mesh was successfully removed or 0 (false) if id specifies an ID of a mesh that does not exist in mTSDF. If id is an N-element of nonnegative integers, then isRemoved is an N-element vector of logical scalars corresponding to each of the N IDs in id.

    Extended Capabilities

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    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a

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