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UNIX and DOS Control Scripts

Command-line tools for managing a server instance

MATLAB® Production Server™ instances are managed using a number of command line tools. The tools have UNIX-like syntax. These tools are not available for server instances running on the cloud.

Core Management

mps-setupSet up server environment
mps-newCreate a server instance
mps-startStart a server instance
mps-stopStop a server instance
mps-restartStop and start a server instance
mps-serviceCreate or modify a Windows service for a server instance
mps-cacheControl persistence service

License Management

mps-license-resetForce a server instance to immediately attempt license checkout


mps-checkTest and diagnose server instance for problems
mps-profileLog profile information for server instance
mps-statusDisplay status of a server instance
mps-support-infoDisplay licensing and configuration information of a MATLAB Production Server instance
mps-whichDisplay path to server instance that is currently using the configured port