Test and diagnose a MATLAB Production Server instance for problems


mps-check [--timeout seconds] host:port


mps-check sends a request to a MATLAB® Production Server™ instance and receives a status report that is used to identify issues that cause the product to run less than optimally.

Information reported by mps-check to stdout include:

  • Status of the server instance

  • Port the HTTP interface is listening on

  • Deployed archives for a server instance

Before using mps-check, you must deploy mcrroot/bin/arch/mps_check.ctf to the server instance.

  • mcrroot is the path to the MATLAB Runtime installation folder.

  • arch is standard abbreviation for the system’s operating system and hardware architecture.

Input Arguments

  • --timeout seconds — The time, in seconds, to wait for a response from the server before timing out. The default is two minutes.

  • host — The host name of the machine running the server instance.

  • port — The port number on which the server instance listens for requests.


Display diagnostic information for the server instance running on port 9910 of the local computer.

mps-check localhost:9910 
Connecting to localhost:9910
Sending HTTP request
HTTP request sent
HTTP response received
MPS status check completed successfully

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Introduced in R2012b