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Motor Control Blockset

Design and implement motor control algorithms

Motor Control Blockset™ provides Simulink® blocks for creating and tuning field-oriented control and other algorithms for brushless motors. Blocks include Park and Clarke transforms, sensorless observers, field weakening, a space-vector generator, and an FOC autotuner. You can verify control algorithms in closed-loop simulation using the motor and inverter models included in the blockset.

The blockset parameter estimation tool runs predefined tests on your motor hardware for accurate estimation of stator resistance, d-axis and q-axis inductance, back EMF, inertia, and friction. You can incorporate these motor parameter values into a closed-loop simulation to analyze your controller design.

Reference examples show how to verify control algorithms in desktop simulation and generate compact C code that supports execution rates required for production implementation. The reference examples can also be used to implement algorithms for motor control hardware kits supported by the blockset.

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Device and system examples for motor control applications

Sensor Calibration

Compute offsets for position, current, and voltage

Motor Parameter Estimation and Plant Modeling

Compute estimated motor parameters and create plant model

Control Algorithm Design

Create controller algorithm for motor control system

Deployment and Validation

Deploy and validate motor control system

Hardware Troubleshooting

Resolve issues related to custom hardware