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Version number for MATLAB and libraries


version = version('-versionOption')
[version date] = version



version displays the version and release number for the currently runningMATLAB®.


version = version('-versionOption') returns information for the specified option.

[version date] = version returns the version, release number, and release date. No input arguments are allowed in this syntax.


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ans = 
' (R2019a) Update 1'

Display the release, prefaced by descriptive text.

['Release R' version('-release')]
ans = 
'Release R2019a'
[v d] = version
v = 
' (R2019a) Update 1'
d = 
'April 3, 2019'
version -java
ans = 
'Java 1.8.0_181-b13 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode'

Input Arguments

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Version option, specified as one of these values.


Release date.


Description of the version. Returns:

  • empty - general release

  • 'Update n' - update release n, where n is an integer

  • 'Prerelease' - prerelease

  • 'Prerelease n' - prerelease update n, where n is an integer


Release number.


Version of the Oracle® JVM™ software that MATLAB uses.

Output Arguments

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Version and release information, returned as a character vector.

Release date, returned as a character vector.

Introduced before R2006a