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Start REST function service from MATLAB

Since R2024a



    requestInfo = start(service) starts the service by generating the URL endpoint and returns a ClientRequestInfo object that contains information that clients need to use the service. This function updates the Status property of the RESTFunctionService object to running.


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    Create a service to provide local clients access to functions myAdd, myMagic, and mySub.

    serviceL = restFunctionService("EL",["myAdd" "myMagic" "mySub"]);

    Start the service.

    requestInfo = start(serviceL)
    requestInfo =  
      ClientRequestInfo with properties 
                 ClientAccessMode: local 
                       RequestUrl: "https://localhost:9920/matlab/feval/v1/EL" 
              CertificateLocation: "<mwPath>\restfcnconnector\publickey.pem" 
          RESTPersonalAccessToken: "AQIDBAUGBwgJCgsMDQ4PEBESExQVFhcYGRobHB0eHyA="

    Input Arguments

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    REST function service, specified as a RESTFunctionService object.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2024a