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Reset internal states of System object



reset(obj) resets the internal states and input properties of the System object™ to their initial values.

  • If obj writes or reads a file, reset resets the object to the beginning of the file.

  • If obj changes properties, reset resets the properties to their initial default values.

  • If obj uses a random number generation seed, reset resets the seed property.


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Use the reset method to reset internal state and input properties of System object counter. Refer to the example in setup for the class definition of counter.

Create a Counter object and set a property.

obj = Counter;
obj.UseIncrement = false
obj = 
  Counter with properties:

    UseIncrement: false
    UseWrapValue: true
      StartValue: 1
       Increment: 1
       WrapValue: 10

Reset and release the object.


Input Arguments

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System object whose state you want to reset.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2010a