Action when tunable properties change




processTunedPropertiesImpl(obj) specifies the algorithm to perform when one or more tunable property values change. This method is called as part of the next call to the System object™ after a tunable property value changes. A property is tunable only if its Nontunable attribute is false, which is the default.

processTunedPropertiesImpl is called when you run the System object.


You must set Access = protected for this method.

You cannot modify any tunable properties in this method if its System object will be used in the Simulink® MATLAB System block.

Input Arguments


System object


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Use processTunedPropertiesImpl to recalculate the lookup table if the value of either the NumNotes or MiddleC property changes before the next call to the System object. propChange indicates if either property has changed.

methods (Access = protected)
   function processTunedPropertiesImpl(obj)
      propChange = isChangedProperty(obj,'NumNotes') ||...
      if propChange
         obj.pLookupTable = obj.MiddleC * (1+log(1:obj.NumNotes)/log(12));


Use this method when a tunable property affects the value of a different property.

To check if a property has changed since stepImpl was last called, use isChangedProperty within processTunedPropertiesImpl. See Specify Action When Tunable Property Changes for an example.

In MATLAB® when multiple tunable properties are changed before running the System object, processTunedPropertiesImpl is called only once for all the changes. isChangedProperty returns true for all the changed properties.

In Simulink, when a parameter is changed in a MATLAB System block dialog, the next simulation step calls processTunedPropertiesImpl before calling stepImpl. All tunable parameters are considered changed and processTunedPropertiesImpl method is called for each of them. isChangedProperty returns true for all the dialog properties.